Jane’s Barbeque Backyard, New York

The Parsons are a big family of 6 with people of all age groups and their requirements were just as varied. The kids and the parents, all wanted different things from their kitchen space. We were delighted to find out that we had hit all the right spots for all of them.


213, New York


2 months

Completion Date

August 2022

Client Name

Augustus Parson

The Requirements

March wanted a spacious kitchen overlooking the seating area. She loved entertaining guests and cooking for them. She wanted a space that let her do both when guests were over. Keeping an eye on the kids while she cooked was also a priority to her.

August wanted a calm relaxing space where he could come after a long hard day and just relax with his family, in a serene environment while they cooked and ate together as a family.

They wanted a kitchen that was:

  • A safe space for kids
  • A relaxing environment for quality family time
  • A great space to entertain guests
  • A spacious kitchen with practical and modular solutions

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The Design

A common seating area that’s accessible from the door as well as the kitchen made it the perfect choice for entertaining guests, letting kids play or to have a calm and relaxing meal with the family. This spacious area has wooden and ceramic touches that not only makes it warm and homely, but also puts you in the mood to have a great time. The kitchen has modular cabinets with minimal

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